Why Was PDX DJs Founded?

PDX DJs was founded in 2015 after we discovered that the event DJ industry is lacking in a few areas. Real DJs who live mix their music are becoming harder and harder to find. True MC and hosting services are dwindling as a younger crowd of inexperienced club DJs barge into the industry. Lastly, new brands of unreliable, low end audio equipment are flooding the market and making entry into the industry cheaper than ever. Despite all of this, clients were still being charged higher and higher rates.

This made PDX DJs mission easy! We decided that we would provide REAL DJs, FULLY TRAINED MCs, with STATE OF THE ART EQUIPMENT. And we would do it for an affordable, and most importantly, transparent rate.

Fast forward to today and we have built an amazing team of DJs who accomplishes just that! Each of our DJs carry high end equipment, they are all highly skilled turntablists who have a strong history of MCing and hosting events. We believe that all of this shows in our 5-star reviews! 

Our philosophy

Our greatest tool is that we genuinely care about your event! We know how important it is that your event goes smoothly. We're here to help ensure that is does!

Bride and Groom Head Table at a Summer Wedding
Cheers to PDX DJs wedding DJ services

Where we're headed

We are always improving. We love to hear feedback from each client as it is how we improve. Our service just keeps getting better and better with each event.


About The Owner

Sean O'Hare, Owner, PDX DJs, Portland, OR

Sean O'Hare

Sean was born and raised in Niles, California. In 2013 he moved to Portland, Oregon to take a position with Uhaul Moving and Storage.

He began DJing in high school and has always done it as a side hobby, playing events for friends and family mainly. In 2015 he decided to turn his hobby into a career and thus PDX DJs was born.

Word spread quickly about PDX DJs' high quality service. So much in fact, that Sean started to hire a team of local DJs who share his same values and skill set.

Today Sean operates in more of a management role ensuring that the PDX DJs team continues to provide the same quality service that they have become known for.

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