Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Some of our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Life happens, and unfortunately our DJs do get sick, injured, etc. We totally understand that we can’t call you last minute and reschedule your event.

For that reason, on every date that we have an event booked, we have a DJ available as backup just in case something unexpected comes up. 

We also bring lots of backup equipment so that we are prepared for anything.

We have NEVER had an event where we were unable to provide service due to equipment malfunction or DJ staffing issues.

We do our invoicing through quickbooks which means you will be able to pay directly through the invoice via credit, debit, bank transfer, or Apple Pay for a 3% processing fee.

In addition, we accept cash, check, and payments apps (Venmo, PayPal, and Cash App)

We typically travel within a 50-60 mile radius from the Portland area at no cost to you, however we decide on a case by case basis. If your venue is outside of this radius, contact us and we will discuss! 

**Our minimum booking time may be increased for events that are farther outside of the Portland metro.

We do not charge a travel fee EVER!

*The caveat to that is that we may increase our minimum booking time for events that are farther outside of the Portland metro. This is simply to make the trip worth our while.

**If your event is way outside of the Portland metro, we may require you to cover the cost of a local hotel for the DJ for 1 night.

Our rates depend on the type of event for which you need service.

For all events we charge an all-inclusive hourly rate for DJ/MC services and an all-inclusive flat rate for photo booth services.

We have gone away from confusing packages and pricey add-ons. We aim to have the most straightforward and transparent pricing in the industry!

Check out our individual service pages to get our current rates for your event type.

Yes, we charge a deposit of $500 up front to confirm your booking. This $500 goes toward your total service fee.

The remainder of your balance will be due 14 days prior to your event date.

In some circumstances we will waive the deposit if making 2 payments would be a hardship. This is typically for businesses who would have to have 2 checks processed by their A/P department. In these cases the total balance will be due 14 days before the event.

We charge a $500 deposit up front to confirm your booking. The remainder of your balance will be due 14 days before your event.

That being said, you are welcome to make payments however you like within those guidelines.

Some clients prefer to pay everything up front instead of a deposit. Some clients prefer to pay the deposit and then make payments leading up to the event. No problem!

Yes! All of our DJs are fully trained Masters of Ceremony (MCs).

We will ask you to provide us an event timeline ahead of time so that we have the order of events. This way we can make announcements as necessary, help with getting guests seated for dinner, and keep the night flowing smoothly.

We are also happy to lead games, help with getting guests involved, and more! Let’s discuss your individual needs!

We have a massive and ever expanding music library covering any genre imaginable.

That being said, if there are any songs that you wish to have played at your event that we do not already have, we will download them at no cost to you! So essentially, no music is off limits!

We’ll also take requests from your guests on the spot unless you prefer us not to.

We have a small staff of hand-picked DJs. All of them have proven themselves to be professional, trustworthy, and overall great at what they do. We NEVER send a DJ who is new to the trade or unclear on the details of your event.

We custom pick the DJ who we believe would best suit your event based on information that you provide us either directly or via the online planning portal.

In the past we allowed clients to select their DJ based on bios that we had online. What we found is that clients weren’t able to get to know the DJs well enough from a short bio and a photo. We have had great success with selecting the DJs ourselves since we know each our our DJs very well and have seen them perform countless times.

We just have 5 simple requirements of you and/or your venue:

1.) We need a 3 pronged electrical outlet to plug into within 50 feet of each setup location (ceremony, reception, cocktail hour, etc). If this is not possible then a solution will need to be provided and discussed prior to the event. (Generator, oversized power lead provided, etc.)

2.) For outdoor events we need to be located in a covered area to protect our equipment from direct sun and rain. A pop up canopy, gazebo, large umbrella, large shade tree, or something similar will suffice. (If this cannot be provided, we need to know ahead of time so that we can make other arrangements.) Audio equipment doesn’t do well in direct sun or wet conditions.

3.) When wireless microphones are to be used, we must be provided a setup location within 100 feet of where the microphones will be used with a clear line of sight. (eg. no walls, trees, fences between the microphone and recveiver)

4.) We need to be allowed access to the venue a minimum of 1.5 hours before event start time to give us adequate time to load equipment in and set up. 2 hours is preferable if possible.

5.) We will bring our own table and a black or white linen. If you have a specific linen color that you prefer other than black or white we ask that you provide this.

Our setup space requirements are as follows:

Ceremony audio: 5’x5′

Reception DJ: 10′ wide x 10′ deep

Photo Booth: 10’x10′ (typically against a windowless wall so that there is no light coming through the backdrop)

These are all approximate dimensions. Our equipment is pretty modular which means we can typically work within your space requirements.

If you decide to book with PDX DJs, the first step will be to complete the online booking form which we will provide you a link to.

Once you have submitted the booking form, we will send you a contract and invoice via email. (We are totally paperless!)

The contract will require an e-signature. Then we just take a $500 deposit on the invoice to confirm the booking!

Thats it! You’re now fully booked and the planning process begins!

Once you are fully booked you will receive login info for our client planning portal. Within the portal there will be a few important things for you to complete:

1.) Create a timeline – We ask that you create a timeline so that we know your order of events and we can help you MC the event, make announcements, etc.

2.) Create Custom Playlists – You will have the opportunity to create various custom playlists for the dancing portion of your event. You can create a ‘must play’, ‘play if possible’, ‘do not play’, etc. Link your Spotify account to our portal to make the playlist creation a breeze!

3.) Complete an Event Planning Form – This form is how we gather all of the in depth details about your specific event. It will ask for things like who will be giving toasts, whether a meal will be served, etc.

4.) Select Special Songs – If applicable for your event you will select special songs like first dance, father daughter dance, mother son dance, bouquet toss, etc.

This is our way of making sure all of your information goes into one place so that nothing gets forgotten or lost in translation.

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